Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Breakfast at Traffic Light

This morning (12 May 2010) I rode my pushbike to town for breakfast. After quite a heavy meal at Samarax, I decided to ride the pushbike to town in order to get some exercises. The tyres were a bit flat so that I had to get them pumped at one of the auto shops. The mechanic was quite friendly when I asked for permission to use the pump. After it was done, I proceeded to Traffic Light Cafe. It's actually known as Xiang Xe Cafe but we prefer to call it Traffic Light, the reason being, that place used to be a pub called Traffic Light.

There I met SD Estel Simpo, our senior sub-deacon at church. I had a cup of coffee si and a bowl of mee sup, and he had mee curry and a cup of tea. We had good conversation. Estel paid for the breakfast. After breakfast I went to the market to buy some tomatoes, apples and limau Bintangor (which is grown locally). I have tried the limau, tasted ok but not quite the same as the original Bintangor limau.

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  1. wah...aku bda kala makai mee diak...ila bisi masa aku belanja nuan father