Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mothers' Day

On 1 May (supposed to be Labour Day) we celebrated Mothers' Day at St. Helen's Church, Serian. This date chosen for convenience sake. The mothers presented their dances (poco-poco) and ngajat. The Women's Fellowship came up with a heaps of presents for the mothers. The men bought some flowers for the mothers. We had pot-bless afterward. There were plenty of foods.

What is a magnificent Mother?
1 Sam 1:10-28
Mothers are perhaps the most powerful and influential class of persons upon the face of the earth. The head of the home is the father, the heart of the home is the mother.
1 Sam tells of Hannah, who was barren and prayed to the Lord for a child so that she could raise that child for God and give him back to God.

Here are some principles for raising godlly children and living our lives to the maximum for the Lord.

1. Priority vv. 10-11
Hannah's priority was her God-given instinct to have a child.

2. Prayer v.10
Hannah prayed with all of her heart for a child. Children should be prayed for even before they are born.

3. Purpose v.11
Our prayers and priorities determine our purpose. Hannah's purpose was to give her child back to God. if this child is a gift from God, then he must be given back to God.

4. Persistance. vv.12-20
Not only did Hannah pray for Samuel before he was born, she continued to pray for him after he was born.

5.Persuasion vv.21-28
Hannahj trained and influenced Samuel for Jesus Christ.

Children need acceptance, belonging and confidence. A godly mother, through her influence, can still instill these necessities and principles in her children's lives, and thus, change the world.

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